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  • tables and chairs rental
    Looking for 10 tables and 10 chairs for temporary / rental purpose. Pls propose brand and submit pictures accordingly. Thanks.
    10 piece/pieces Submit an offer
  • Post Fence Metal Angle, Picket Steel, Angle Iron Post
    Attached image for illustration purposes only. Requesting for 130 units or pieces for this. 
    130 unit/units Submit an offer
  • birthday cards
    looking for birthday cards to send out to clients. please propose designs and MOQ. Looking for economical ones.
    200 piece/pieces Submit an offer
  • Digital Marketing Consultants
    Looking for 3 x digital marketing consultants for an upcoming brand refresh project. Closing with first 3 desired quotes. Let me know. 
    3 job Submit an offer
  • Automotive Servicing Parts
    I need car maintenance items such as spark plugs, oil filters, wiper blades for Suzuki, Subaru and Mitsubishi car brands. Will close when I receive the desired first 3 quotes. Thanks. 
    100 set/sets Submit an offer
  • marine and ship supplies quote required!
    Please quote best price based on list as per attached.

    100 set/sets Submit an offer
  • Looking for 3X Desktop Monitors to standing disc, 27"
    Looking for above, any brand will do, For office use.
    3 piece/pieces
  • Accounting Software with Inventory Management for Wholesale
    Looking for software to support our hardware distribution company.
    Require stock forecasting, full accounting capabilities, with ability to set different prices for different customers and retrieve them out easily.
    1 piece/pieces Submit an offer
  • desktop computer for office use
    require desktop computer desktop with monitor for office use. 

    please recommend your list of desktop for use. preferably windows. use for general office use. 
    1 piece/pieces Submit an offer
  • 30m Power Sockets, Rollable
    Hi , I am looking for a 30m power socket/extension. Attached an image here, for illustration purpose only. Please send quotation with your brand, net pricing and image for reference. Thanks. 
    1 unit/units

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