Small Double-Sided Suction Cup
MOQ : 10pcs x s$2.70 each SKU : DS506 Small Double-Sided Suction Cup Diameter: 27mm (1.125") Holds up to 0.4kgs in weight. These are ideal spacer-grippers for transporting glass or other fragiles as they separate and cushion parallel surfaces. Double...
Dent Puller Glue Stick - 15 sticks per Pack
SKU: GS15 Dent Puller Glue Stick - 15 sticks per PackEspecially developed for for use with all vehicle dent panel glue pulling systems.These glue stick has greater dent pulling power than the most popular glue puller sticks available in the...
Gluematic Professional Hot Glue Gun
SKU: GG37 Gluematic Professional Hot Glue GunThe Gluematic glue gun is a general use hot glue gun ideal for various applications. Used with the correct glue pads and glue sticks (available separately) this is ideal for use with the glue...

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