60 Litres WHITE Powder Coated Steel Bin C/W Self-Closing Lid
Rectangular WHITE Powder Coated Steel Bin C/w ABS Self-Closing Lid. Model no.: AZ901 Capacity: 60-Litres Dimensions (mm): 340 W x 260 D x 720 Ht
Kobe Acrylic Lacquer Spray Paint 400cc - Dark Blue
from $3.75
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Kobe Acrylic Lacquer Spray Paint 400cc - Dark Blue
KOBE Acrylic Lacquer Spray (All Purposes) is economical grade spray paint, quick drying, durability, glossy finishing and good adhesion for all surfaces. Formulated by concretrated lacquer. Used for exterior and Interior. Durability , quick drying and good adhesion.
from $3.75
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
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Anti Slip Tapes, 2 inch, Self Adhesive, Prevent Slip and Fall, Suitable for ALL Floors
SG CHEAPEST,2 inch Anti Slip Tapes Self Adhesive | Prevent Slip and Fall | Suitable for ALL FloorsBuy from Lakomart - simplicity to livingShop our range of products, that we have curated for specially for you. All items in stock!We...
$7.00 $6.42
Vileda Spraypro S/S Handle W/ Sprayer Only
Professional floor mopping system consists of 145cm stainless steel handle with integrated cleaning solution reservoir, trigger sprayer and filling cup. (without mop frame and mop)
Unger Pro Window Squeegee Complete - 35cm
Unger Pro Window Squeegee Handle comes with standard steel channel and soft rubber
Unger Opti-Loc Telescopic Pole - 2 X 1.25m
Opti-Loc telescopic pole constructed of strong yet light weight anodized aluminium with threaded end cone. Opti-Loc system locks and loosens easily, ensuring safety usage at desired height.
Kleanway B-Xpress Microfiber Mop - 40cm (5/Pkt)
Wet/dry flat mop with combination of microfibre and polyester for easy gliding and effective dirt pick-up. Mop with Velcro backing and sewn border.
SPRAY MOP + MOP FRAME 40cm – BLUE - 500ml or 1000ml
Product Description Professional flat mopping system consists of refillable solution tank mounted on aluminium handle with east dispensing of cleaning solution by 3-jet. Unit includes 40cm aluminium mop frame. Non-battery operated Apply on all kinds of hard floor; just spray...
$78.00 from $75.60
Aerosol Refillable Aluminum Spray Can
SKU: ARC65 Aerosol Refillable Aluminum Spray CanAerosol Refillable Spray Can, Aluminum Pneumatic Manual Compressed Air Fluid Refillable Bottle, Oil Pressure Storage Sprayer, 2-Way Nozzle with Jet Straight Stream and Wide Mist Spray Multiple Usages -- It's easy and convenient to...
30 Litres Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Bin
30 Litres Stainless Steel Foot Pedal bin Model: S2PB30 Capacity: 30-Litres Dimensions (mm): 340 W x 305 D x 605 Ht Features: Streamline clean cut design concept Fingerprint resistant surface Satin finished C/w leak-proof plastic inner bin Soft closing lid...
Seamaster Paint
Seamaster Paint is a superior quality styrene acrylic emulsion paint specially formulated to provide remarkable protection for interior walls with high opacity and good scrub resistance. It is a low odour, low VOC, APEO free and formaldehyde free product. It...
Seamaster Paint
Seamaster Paint protects your walls as they come to life with bright colours. Your kids may mistake the newly painted walls as their own drawing canvas and happily scribble on them. Don’t worry, the acrylic based matt finishing emulsion paint...
WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser 450ml / Solvent Base Oil and Grease Remover Cleaner
• WD40 Specialist Fast Acting Degreaser 450ml.• Work immediately on contact.• Easy to rinse and leave no residue.• Clean away oil,grease,dirt and grime.• Make equipment run smoother,last longer and look like new.• Ideal for: Automotive and truck engines, tractors, forklift,...
LOCTITE LB-8423 Di-Electric Tune-up Grease 0.33Oz
Thick silicone dielectric compound paste that facilitates and improves tune-ups. It prevents voltage leakage around electrical connectors. LOCTITE® LB 8423 is a translucent, thick silicone dielectric compound paste that facilitates and improves tune-ups. It prevents voltage leakage around electrical connectors...
LOCTITE SF 7063 Super Clean Spray Cleaner 400ml Heavy Duty Solvent Base Parts Cleaner
Product Details Parts Cleaner - general purpose. For use prior to bonding and sealing applications. Leaves no residue. LOCTITE® SF 7063 is our general-purpose product for cleaning and degreasing any kind of surface or machinery component before proceeding with a...
Twin Suction Cup Lifter - 123mm (4.8) Cup Diameter
SKU: TS600 Twin Suction Cup Lifter - 123mm (4.8) Cup Diameter Loading Capacity : 60kg.Weight : 940gLength :365mm (14.5") Cup diameter : 123mm (4.8")Can also be used to carry glass,marble,tile,coated wood surfaces or heavy sheet metal.Casing: High density aluminum alloy...
Thinner AAA, 3.5L
Thinner AAA - Solvent is suitable for thinning and lowering viscosity of adhesive mixture. Not suitable for spray-type adhesive. - Solvent is suitable for thinning oil-based paint and lowering viscosity - Can be used as a cleaning agent for paint...
SKU: Drum | Bucket Lid Opener Effortlessly 5 Gallon Bucket Opener Just place the grip on the edge of a 5 gallon bucket lid and gently pry upwards; repeat around all edges until it is removed.Drum Lid OpenerSpecial designed protuberances...
German Made 1,100 Litres Mobile Garbage Bin
SULO Brand German Made 1,100 Litres 4-Wheels Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) Injection molded from specially designed High Density Polyethylene Strong and highly durable material, non-rust, non-decay & ultra violet stabilized for maximum life Fitted with 4nos swivel wheels, two are...

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