NCI 8802/S Spout
An attachment to add onto NCI watering cans to help control the flow of water. This attachment reduces the water flow to a sprinkle, making it more gentle on plants. Simply screw onto the nozzle of matching watering cans to...
G-8754 GARDENA Classic Bypass Secateur
The GARDENA Classic Secateurs are the classic among the secateurs – with everything that marks good secateurs. They cut powerfully and are modern and ergonomic; they are best-suited for cutting flowers and young shoots. The blades of the angled cutting...
G-938 Gardena Twin Tap Connector 21mm (G 1/2)
The GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector serves the operation of two accessories. In this manner, two hoses never need to be changed at the tap. The two outlets are fully adjustable, independently of each other. Specifications Use: Connection to tap; For operating...
HOZELOCK 7230 Starter/Maxi-Plus Hose (30mL)
Multi purpose, hard wearing hose for garden watering. Key Benefits Include: General purpose, hard wearing hose 4 layers with braided reinforcement Weather proof with UV and frost protection Free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins Hose Length: 30m Hose...
HOZELOCK 6005 Hose Connector Set (15mL)
Connects the hose system to an outside tap. Key Benefits Include: Connect your Hozelock Hose Reel or Cart to an outdoor tap in seconds 1.5m in length Made from high quality material Comes ready to use with attached connectors Can...
HOZELOCK 2682 Ultra 6 Spray Gun
The perfect water spray gun for outdoor cleaning. Key Benefits Include: 3 Spray patterns for general gardening and cleaning tasks Comfortable to use with soft-touch ergonomics Variable trigger flow control Made from high quality materials Gun Type: Jet Spray Spray...
M10 No.9082 High Tree Pruner with Rope & Saw
An easy-to-use tree pruner that consists of a heat-treated high carbon hardened steel blade pruner that is operated by the rope pulley system and a detachable razor-sharp saw blade to cut down larger branches quickly. It can be attached to...
HOZELOCK 2293 Y-Connector
Allows three hoses to be connected together to extend a Hozelock system. Key benefits include: Made from the highest quality materials for increased durability Splits a flow of water into two different directions Great for watering different areas of the...
G-2691 GARDENA Hose Reel with Standard Hose Set (20m)
Telescopic handle and special folding mechanism provide for space-saving storage. Swivel axle prevents the connecting hose from turning when winding the main hose on or off. Specifications Set: Classic Hose, 1 x Cleaning Nozzle, 1 x Water Stop, 3 x...
HOZELOCK 2797 Mister Micro Jet
The Mist Micro Jet is used to produce a fine mist, delicate misting spray Key Benefits Include: Ideal for use in greenhouses or where delicate watering is required Made from black UV stable material providing a quality feel and unrivaled...
HOZELOCK 4707 Pressure Sprayer 7 Ltr (Max fill: 5 Ltr)
The Hozelock Pressure Sprayer Plus is a high quality, multi-purpose sprayer which allows all accessories to be stored on board and includes an integrated dosing cap and last dose indicator. Key Benefits Include: Lockable on/off control for comfortable continuous spraying...
BABA GB-421 Garden Bed (120cmL x 60cmW x 30cmH)
A raised garden bed made from metal with a great drainage system that prevents water clogging. It is easy to assemble (with manual in the box). Soil Capacity: 216 Ltr (approx. 8 bags of 28 Ltr soil) Vegetables and soils...
SABOTEN 1210 Pruning Shear (7″L)
SABOTEN 1210 Pruning Shear are made of top grade high carbon steel, Teflon-S coated for rust resistance, with plastic handle. Small type spring.
HOZELOCK 2798 360° Mini Sprinkler
Adjustable 360° Mini Sprinkler which delivers an excellent distribution of water over the surrounding area Key Benefits Include: Ideal for use in borders where large area coverage is required Adjustable to regulate flow and coverage Made from black UV stable...
G-18215 GARDENA Hose Connector (1/2″-5/8″)
The GARDENA Hose Connector allows fast and comfortable connection of the hose outlet. Through simple pulling, the connection can be released. The garden hose can be easily connected to the tap. The Hose Connector is protected by a rubber ring...
SILKY No.568-10 ONO Chopper (120mmL)
While small and compact, this feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship won’t let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber. Teeth per inch : Length : 13.4 in, 4.7 in Weight : 1.76 lbs Metal...
ACAS Curved Pruning Shear (185mmL)
An anvil pruner with a chrome plated steel blade for strength and sharpness and a steel reinforced plastic anvil for strength and durability. Anvil pruners are more suited for hard stems and branches, rather than soft plants as it will...
Micro Irrigation Tube 4mm (10mL)
A micro irrigation pipe which can be connected to a main irrigation pipe or be used as a micro water supply tube to various sprayer heads or drippers. It is small and discreet and easy to lay. Suitable for garden...
Water Level Indicator (19cm)
Water level indicator shows the level of water in your hydroponic pots. The marker in the indicator floats on water and will reflect the minimum, optimum and maximum levels of water in the pot via the transparent window. Place in...
HOZELOCK 2398 Complete Hose Set (30mL)
This set contains the following items: 2398 Hose Cart 7230 Yellow Maxi-Plus Hose (30mL) 2352 Hose Fittings 2398 Hose Cart This Hozelock large Hose Cart (without house) can hold up to 60m of 12.5mm hose and comes with a durable...
SEAPEX Plastic Hand Sprayer (1 Ltr)
SEAPEX Plastic Hand Sprayer a great tool for gardeners. It has a 1 litre capacity and a trigger sprayer with adjustable spray settings from stream to mist. It is good for misting your air plants, spraying fertiliser solution over your...
M10 FP-300 Fruit Picker (3mL)
A teflon coated steel pruner on an extended pole that is activated by a rotating squeeze handle. It can cut and hold onto fruits until the handle is released. M10 FP-300 Fruit Picker makes plucking fruit in tall tress much...
No.903 Bypass Tree Pole Pruning Shears (3.5mL)
A 2-in-1 pruner and saw blade mounted on an extendable pole for pruning and shaping taller trees. It has carbon steel hardened pruner blades for cutting twigs and small branches that are operated by a pulley. The saw blade is...

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