KN95 protective face mask

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KN95 face masks are comfortable, well-fitting and comes in box of 10 pcs.

KN95 face mask have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency* (BFE) value of ≥95%. 95% filter efficiency level provides better breathability and protection.

  1. The mask has a 3D three-dimensional design, easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of faces, good adhesion. It is not easy to deform when worn, close to the mouth and nose, and more breathing space. 
  2. The mask body adopts a fully automatic pressureless production process, which does not destroy the original performance of the filter material, improves the filtering efficiency of the mask and reduces the respiratory resistance. 
  3. The bendable nose clip can adjust the tightness of the mask and the nose at any time, adapt to the shape of various nose bridges, and prevent the leakage of the nose bridge position.
  4. The elastic wide ear straps have good elasticity and are comfortable to wear.
  5. There are 10 disposable masks in a box/ FDA USA approved / CE approved

*Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) means that the filtering capacity is measure in both directions. The fewer bacteria penetrate the material, the better the efficiency. It is comparable to N95 face masks and complies with the BFE ≥95%.


Industrial site: It can be used to protect various types of dust and non-oiliness generated during construction, mining, casting , wood, cotton, flour processing , electronics, pharmaceuticals, material handling and grinding, etc., and the concentration value does not exceed the occupational exposure limit fog.

Living place: smog ( PM2.5 ), exhaust, dust, flu, etc.



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