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.7 hp, 7 Degree Offset, 20,000 RPM, Front Exhaust, 5/8", 3/4" W x 18" L (13 mm,19 mm x 457 mm) Belts
Dynafile III Abrasive Belt Tool offers all the versatility of our world-famous Dynafile II, while serving up more power (.7 hp / 522 W) for faster material removal. Includes 11206 Contact Arm for belts 5/8" or 3/4" wide x 18" long. Ideal for a variety of applications. Tool does not include side handle, reducing tool weight and allowing greater maneuverability. (53163 side handle is still available as an option.) Tool includes high-efficiency Rubber Drive Wheel, ideal for use with all abrasive belts. Tool grinding head pivots 180 degrees.

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Model NumberDynafile III Abrasive Belt Tool (15400 - 20,000 RPM)
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