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The GARDENA Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler irrigates large areas effortlessly.It is made of a robust metal- and plastic combination.This renders the Sprinkler Head highly stable.On the adjustment rings, you can easily set the sector to be irrigated with fine range selection from 25° to 360°.The selected sector can be well viewed from these adjustment rings at any time.The high-precision brass nozzle supports precise distribution of the water.With the large, easy-to-use rotary knob, you can set the range.This can be set from 5 m to maximum 12.5 m.An area from 75 m² to maximum 490 m2 can be irrigated.The mating thread is screwed to the sprinkler head and has a diameter of 21 mm (G 1/2).The sprinkler is mounted on a metal spike.This has three metal inserts that render it highly robust.The plastic sled guarantees high stability.The sprinkler is equipped with the GARDENA System Connector and the end cap.You can use it right away.With the GARDENA Tap Connector (Art. No. 901), several sprinklers can be connected to each other.Larger areas can be irrigated without problems.

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