Showy International

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Showy International

Address: 35 Sungei Kadut Street 4, Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate, 729057
Contact Number: 6365 6636

About Us

At Showy, quality has always been our key focus in the manufacturing and design of sanitary, bathroom, kitchen products and accessories. Built to perform, the quality of our Showy products is augmented using high grade materials and superior chroming, promising good water experiences for our users. As a manufacturer, the stringent quality control of our products is also ensured.


On the design front, we are constantly flowing with times to produce innovative designs in line with the latest consumer trends. Today we offer more than 1,300 refreshing choices for our in-house brand. Being both the manufacturer and designer also means that we are able to offer premium designs and quality products at non-premium prices, making them highly affordable to discerning consumers.


Whether it is product performance or design, you can expect quality at every turn.

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