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Klenco (S) Pte Ltd

Address: 18 Gul Crescent, Singapore 629527
Contact Number: 6862 3388
Email: info@klenco-asia.com

About Us

Established in 1971, Klenco is the leading independent distributor and now a manufacturer as well, providing the most comprehensive scope of professional and industrial cleaning and maintenance machinery, accessories and chemicals. Klenco’s reliable products are extensively used in ASEAN, CHINA, SOUTH ASIA, and are also sold in the MIDDLE EAST and EUROPE.

As one of the region’s most comprehensive independent distributors of cleaning related equipment, Klenco offers a wide portfolio of products which have proven reliability and quality in the market. We have been serving the needs of diverse customers with high quality products at reasonable prices and a high standard of service and support.

Our product range covers the general and commercial sectors and also industrial and specialised sectors, contributing to enhance environmental and health standards. Staring with a small selection of cleaning machines and chemicals sold only in Singapore in the early years, Klenco’s products has increased to be the most comprehensive range in the industry. They are sold throughout the region and are generally grouped under 2 distinct divisions.

Professional Cleaning Supplies:


Commercial Cleaning Chemicals* Single Disc Scrubbers* Auto Scrubbers* Vacuum Cleaners* Carpet Spray Extractors* Turbo Dryers* High Pressure Water Cleaners* Floor Sweepers* Escalator Cleaners* Drain & Pipe Cleaners* Janitorial Trolleys* Mopping Equipment* Floor Pads* Specialty Cloths* Washroom Hygiene Accessories* Window Cleaning Tools*

Industrial Maintenance Products:


Specialty Maintenance Chemicals* Dust, Fume And Material Extractors* Mobile Vacuum Cleaners & Centralized Suction System* Ride-On Scrubbers* Road Sweepers* Truck Mounted Vacuum* Tunnel Washer* Battery Powered Cart* Platform Truck* Ultra High Pressure & Water Jetting Pumps*



Service and Support

Klenco’s after-sales and technical service in Asia is second to none in this industry. Over 20 service technicians are regularly trained, often with end-users, in our workshop and at major principals’ premises. To support the sales and service network, our company stocks almost 20,000 items of equipment, accessories and spare parts worth over US $5 Million in Singapore alone, with more in our network locations.


With the experience gained from decades of marketing imported products, Klenco has successfully developed into a manufacturer as well of its own machines and chemicals. These are high quality products benchmarked against international standards, yet configured for our Asian markets. To date Klenco produces single disc scrubbers, air blowers, vacuum cleaners and more than 120 chemical products.

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