Inflammable Safety Cabinet

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Flammable Safety Cabinet - The items of this series are steel cabinets for stocking some substances such as paints and solvents, built in 7/10 mm thickness steel sheet, with all reachable edges folded. They are equipped with galvanized perforated panels where insertion and disposal inside the cabinets is easy-to-do and user-friendly, as in the inner walls of the cabinets there are four vertical uprights perforated with 25 mm pitch. At the bottom of the cabinet a tight-sealed collection tank is made of galvanized sheet with 47 lt. capacity. The cabinets are also provided with flame breaker plates, slots for air exchange, system for electricity continuity and safety adhesive signs. The locking system is a cylinder lock with numbered key and the possibility to provide with master key and/or double key, with three points closing. It is provided the possibility of fixing to the ground and to the wall.Storage of Paint, Thinner, etc


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