HOZELOCK 2398 Complete Hose Set (50mL)

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Product Details

This set contains the following items:

  • 2398 Hose Cart
  • 7230 Yellow Maxi-Plus Hose (50mL)
  • 2352 Hose Fittings

2398 Hose Cart
This Hozelock large Hose Cart (without house) can hold up to 60m of 12.5mm hose and comes with a durable metal handle to make moving the Hose Cart easy. It is extra wide for stability and has been designed so the hose is easy to rewind. Made from the highest quality plastics, the 60m Capacity Hose Cart will stand the hard wearing challenge of gardening tasks, time after time. This hose cart has a durable metal towing handle, oversized patterned wheels and steel axle, which makes moving this hose reel easy. It has a wide stance and low center of gravity to make it very stable.

7230 Yellow Maxi-Plus Hose
Braided technology maintains the structure ensuring water is effectively delivered to your garden.

Weather proof with UV and frost protection guarantees that your hose can be used effectively in a range of climates from -20°C up to 40°C.

2352 Hose Fittings
These fittings are included into this set to ensure you can use it immediately without buying additional accessories, they include:
1 x 2292 Nozzle
2 x 2050 Plus Hose End Connectors
1 x 2055 Plus Waterstop
1 x 2175 Threaded Tap Connector




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