BABA RD-150 Pot (Smoky Brown) (14.7cmØ x 12.5cmH)

SGD0.65 / piece MOQ: 1 piece (min. order)

Product Details


Baba RD-150 plastic pot is a small, durable, lightweight, plastic pot perfect for your flowers and herbs, it has several holes at the bottom to help improve drainage. It has grooves along its rim that can be used to attach the Baba No.930-B Hanger and also 3 holes along the inner neck that allows it to be used with the Baba No.960 Full Chrome Hanger to convert it to a hanging pot.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Base: 9.9cmØ

Neck: 12.9cmØ

Mouth: 13.9cmØ

Overall pot size: 14.7cmØ x 12.5cmH

Accessory (Not Included): Baba No.930-B Hanger / Baba No.960 Full Chrome Hanger

Suitable Saucer (Not Included): Baba No. 919 Plastic Saucer

About Baba
Baba products are symbols of beauty, and every pot is meticulously sculpted to possess lightweight and durable qualities. With Baba products, you can easily find a wide selection of pots with unique designs, and innovation. After going through much research and development, Baba came out with a biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic pot.

Baba’s unique biodegradable pots use a special plastic formula which has been approved by the international laboratory to have a high biodegradable quality function that can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -17 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius.

Baba’s biodegradable pots can be broken down by microorganisms into humus, carbon dioxide and biogas when placed in a microbial environment. Similar to garbage, it can decompose either within an anaerobic (without oxygen and sunlight) or aerobic (with oxygen) environment.

Product Lifespan
Baba’s biodegradable pots will not decompose while they are placed on the shelf or stored in the warehouse. They have to be placed in a microbial environment in order for them to decompose.

Baba’s biodegradable pots can be fully recycled or mixed together with other existing plastic for recycled use.



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